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      Sujihiki Knife

      The Sujihiki knife (also called ham knife or carving knife) is best suited for processing fish and meat. The blades of Sujihiki knives are ground on both sides and allow very fine cuts, which are ideally suited for the preparation of carpaccio or ham, for example, but also sushi.

      Japanese Sujihiki knives with special blades

      The particularly fine (on both sides) ground blades of Sujihiki knives allow very precise and clean cuts. This makes the Sujihiki knife perfect for cutting fine slices of meat, fish but also vegetables. For left-handed people who are looking for a knife to prepare sushi, the Sujihiki ham knife is also a real alternative. Particularly noteworthy is the sharpness and hardness of the Sujihiki, this is based primarily on the use of the best Japanese knife steel. Only this can create a knife that achieves the desired precision.

      Difference between Sujihiki and Yanagiba knives

      The Sujihiki knife can be seen as a double-edged alternative to the single-edged sushi knife (Yanagiba). Since sushi knives are mostly sharpened for right-handed people, Sujihiki ham knives are therefore also a recommendation for left-handed people who are looking for a knife to prepare sushi. The Yanagiba knife is specifically designed for processing raw fish, the Sujihiki knife is used more universally.