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      Yoshimitsu Knives

      The Yoshimitsu forge has existed since the middle of the 19th century and is pure tradition. Located in the south of Japan, most of the handmade knives are sold in the Nagasaki region. Today, the five Yoshimitsu brothers still master techniques from the time the forge was founded. One example is the production of knife steel from iron sand collected from the riverbank and smelted in a homemade furnace.
      Today, such techniques are used rather for demonstration purposes. The Yoshimitsu brothers have also moved with the times, incorporating positive influences and advancements into their forging. Today, they make Japanese kitchen knives from special purchased steels. Thus, the Yoshimitsu knives in our store are made with a core of white paper or blue paper steel.
      We are happy to bring the very great knives of the Yoshimitsu brothers to Europe offering a wide range from Santoku knives to Petty and Nakiri knives.