Petty knives - hand forged, small and versatile

      Petty knives have a typical blade length of 75mm to 210mm. This makes them one of the smaller Japanese knife types. They are perfect for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables. However, the tapered blade, which is ground on both sides, can also be used for delicate carving and ornamental work. Even though this knife is primarily designed for processing fruits and vegetables, its use as a filleting knife for the finer processing of meat and fish is quite recommended and widespread. Petty knives can therefore also be seen as small all-purpose knives.

      Original Japanese Petty Knives - Specialists for fine work

      The blade of the Petty knife is usually not longer than 170mm. It should be part of the basic equipment in the kitchen and is also seen as a small all-purpose knife. For small cuts like fruits and vegetables, it can be used for peeling, slicing and garnishing. The low blade and sharp tip make the Petty knife very controllable and allow for very precise cuts where the big brothers Santoku knife, Gyuto and Bunka are not so suitable. Nevertheless, the Petty can also be used for chopping smaller amounts of herbs without any problems. Again, the center of gravity of the knife is usually towards the tip of the knife, as Japanese handles are lighter compared to Western chef's knives.