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      Misuzu Knives

      Our Misuzu knives are coming from a small family business in Miki (Hyogo Prefecture, Japan). The family also runs a store in Miki, the city with the longest history in Japanese knife making. Misuzu follows that tradition and still handcrafts Japanese kitchen knives for professional demands and ambitious hobby chefs.
      The focus is always on highest sharpness and at the same time user-friendliness of their Japanese knives. The basic philosophy at Misuzu is that a knife should be a tool that does not cause fatigue. For over 70 years, the use of steels that are not very susceptible to rust has been Misuzu's area of expertise. We also offer such blades from Misuzu with the steel grades VG10 and AUS10. The relatively light weighted knives from Misuzu and are ideal all-purpose knives for all hobby cooks.