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      Kisuke Knives

      Kisuke Manaka is a truly special knifemaker and we are happy to offer his knives. After his 9-year apprenticeship, he now represents the fifth generation of Manaka Hamono. We especially appreciate his one hundred percent integrity - at Kisuke Manaka, every step of the process is done with traditional tools and by hand. He is extremely well-versed in the history of Japanese knifemaking and the technical expertise behind it. Therefore, every detail of his Kisuke knives is well thought out and nothing is left to chance. This not only creates Japanese kitchen knives that are perfect in function, but also visually very appealing masterpieces.

      Kisuke knives made of ATS-34 steel

      Among other things, he forges with ATS-34 steel. This knife steel is not cheap, but it is very resistant, hardly susceptible to rust and extremely robust. Kisuke knives are therefore a real recommendation even for beginners in the world of original Japanese knives, as they offer excellent performance with low maintenance.

      Its young age (born in 1984) promises a really exciting future. We are curious to see where the journey will take us!