ATS34 Steel

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      ATS 34 Knife Steel - Highest Quality and Innovation

      With its chromium content of 12 - 14%, this knife steel is one of the stainless Japanese knife steels. To protect its innovative edge, the manufacturer Hitachi does not specify the exact material composition of ATS-34.

      With a carbon content of 1.1 - 1.25%, ATS 34 steel is in the range of Shirogami 1 and Aogami 1 knife steels and can therefore achieve extreme degrees of hardness.

      Stainless Japanese chef's knife made of ATS-34

      This blade steel can be brought to hardness grades of 59 - 64 HRC, depending on the forging process and hardening method. ATS 34 steel thus combines the specific advantages of low-rust knives with the advantages of high-rust knives: Extremely hard and sharp blades that can be described as stainless and are therefore very easy to maintain.

      Kisuke Manaka's knives are currently without competition on the market; he has mastered the forging of blades from ATS-34 to perfection.

      Why do Japanese knives rust? Does ATS 34 rust?

      Traditional Japanese chef's knives are often made of steels containing carbon. Carbon makes knife steels hard, but this substance reacts with its environment - blades made of pure carbon steels can therefore oxidise. This effect can be minimised by adding chromium, which is the case with ATS 34 knife steel. The special feature of ATS-34 steel is therefore a high carbon content combined with a high chromium content.