AUS10 Steel

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      AUS10 - Japanese all-rounder

      AUS10 knife steel is an excellent all-rounder in the world of Japanese knife steels and achieves a hardness of 58 - 60 HRC. A high chrome content of over 13% makes this knife steel rust-resistant.

      In practice, this means that AUS10 steel blades are very easy to maintain due to their low susceptibility to corrosion. The addition of vanadium makes the alloy tougher and the steel achieves a higher strength compared to western knife steels from common manufacturers.

      Stainless Japanese knives

      AUS10, like VG10, ATS 34 and GIN 3 steel, is a highly rust-resistant steel. A knife steel is considered to have a high corrosion resistance if the chromium content in the alloy is at least 12%. With improper care (e.g. moisture during storage, cleaning in the dishwasher, etc.), these steels can nevertheless oxidise.

      Incidentally, this also applies to conventional "stainless" Western knives. However, caring for a high-quality knife is not difficult. If you follow a few simple care tips, you will enjoy cooking with Japanese knives for many years.