Bread knife

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      A crispy and at the same time fluffy croissant or a fresh bread with a firm crust should not lose its shape or even be squashed by cutting. To achieve this, you need a good bread knife.

      Whether Japanese bread knives or European bread knives, both have a serrated edge. If this serrated edge is designed effectively, you can divide the cut material effortlessly with purely horizontal movements, like with a saw.

      Japanese saws are world-famous and our bread knives benefit from their characteristics, because the Japanese blacksmiths have brought the special know-how from the production of saws into the production of bread knives.

      Bread knives: special knives as part of the knife set

      In addition to a large and small all-purpose knife, such as the petty or gyuto, a bread knife is also part of a kitchen's basic equipment. Some foods with hard and smooth surfaces offer few starting points for thin blades. Breads with a hard crust or even roasts with a crust can be cut better with the special saw-like blade of the bread knife.

      The bread knife serrated edge distributes the forces during cutting to a few points on the blade and thus enables effortless cutting of these foods. At the same time, the serrated edge means that no great force is needed to cut the food in question.

      High-quality bread knives for every day

      In Europe, bread is one of the most important foods, so thousands of people reach for a knife every day to cut baked goods. For this reason, it is certainly worth investing in a good bread knife to avoid being frustrated time and again when cutting. A high-quality bread knife lasts a lifetime and does not need to be sharpened often.

      Japanese bread knives are usually made of very hard steel and the serrated edge is often designed so that when you push and pull, the cut is easy and even. In our opinion, the best bread knives in the world come from Japan.

      Sharpening and caring for bread knives

      Sharpening a bread knife is not easy and here you should consider handing it over to a special professional for those rare moments. A bread knife very rarely needs to be resharpened under normal use.

      If you do want to sharpen the Japanese bread knife yourself, we recommend special sharpening stones that replicate the individual serrations of the serrated edge, so that you can sharpen one serration after the other. In general, the care tips on our homepage should be followed.