Bunka 180mm Silverback HAP40 gehämmerte Oberfläche
Tsuchime HAP40 Messer
Messerklinge HAP40 Bunka Kochmesser
Griff HAP40 Messer aus Holz
Ansicht HAP40 Messer 17cm Klinge
Küchenmesser HAP40 Stahl Bunka Ansicht liegend

Bunka 180mm Silverback HAP40 - Tsuchime Finished, Complite handle grey

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The best bunka in the world with a grey handle.

HAP40 is an exceptional steel that has not been used for chef's knives for too long. It belongs to the group of powder-metallurgical steels, which obtain a more uniform steel structure than cast steels by melting pure metal powder under pressure. The extreme hardness of the HAP40 steel used for this blade is particularly noteworthy. Through a special heat treatment with salt baths, the steel achieves a hardness of HRC 65-67.

Currently, HAP40 is only processed by a few Japanese blacksmiths in the traditional way, so the supply of HAP40 blades is still very limited. We are therefore proud to be able to offer our own HAP40 series. We have the Silverback HAP40 knives forged for us by specialists in and around Seki in Japan and are pleased to be able to offer this series at attractive prices. Each knife in this series is engraved with the Silverback "銀 背" (Japanese for silverback) and is therefore unique.

The HAP40 core of this Silverback Knives Bunka is surrounded by a sheath of 404 stainless steel. This is forged around the core steel using the San Mai method. The sheath steel has been machined so that the surface in the upper part of the blade has a hammered surface. This surface structure is called tsuchime and serves on the one hand to improve the appearance, but at the same time food sticks less when cutting, as small air pockets are created between the blade and the material being cut. The blade, which is very fine compared to other traditional Japanese knives, is often called a laser blade. After hardening, the blade is sharpened on both sides and mounted in the Complite handle. This is made of high-quality reinforced wood, which results in excellent robustness and durability.

The Bunka has a blade length of 175 mm and has an inverted Tanto tip. An interesting feature of this knife is the slightly curved blade shape at the back of the blade. On the one hand, this geometry saves weight, which improves the balance of the knife, and at the same time this blade back creates a dynamic look. The Bunka is an all-purpose knife and can be used for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The fine chopping of ginger or onions is just as feasible as coarse preparation work. Compared to the gyuto and santoku, which are also considered the Japanese form of the Western chef's knife, the bunka has a concise tip. This blade tip can be advantageous for precise work such as cutting fish or incising rind. The high degree of hardness of the steel makes for an extremely sharp blade that will stay with you for a long time. Look forward to your first paper test at home!

  • Length blade: 175mm
  • Height blade: 45mm
  • Length handle: 140mm
  • Length blade: 328mm
  • Weight: 151g
  • Handle: Complite grey
  • Hardness grade core steel: HRC 66-67
  • Sheath steel: Stainless steel 404 with polished surface
  • Blade construction: 3-ply according to the San Mai method
  • Cutting edge ground on both sides


  • This knife is not suitable for hard cuts such as bones and frozen food.
  • These knives should never be put in the dishwasher and must be rinsed and dried by hand after each use to ensure long life.
  • If not properly cared for, these blades tend to rust.Regular treatment with oil is also recommended.
  • As the knives are handmade, each individual knife is unique.
  • This also means that the knives may differ slightly in appearance.

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