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      What is Blue #2, Blue Paper Steel, Aogami 2 and Blue Paper Steel?

      Blue #2, blue paper steel, Aogami 2 or blue paper steel are names for a traditional knife steel used in Japanese kitchen knives. Different steels are used for forging Japanese knives, Aogami 2 is very often used for traditional types of knives, such as the Bunka knife or the Santoku knife.

      What is the difference between Blue #2 and White #2?

      White #2 (Shirogami 2) and Blue #2 (Aogami 2) differ in composition. Aogami 2 contains additional chromium and tungsten and can be tougher and more robust than Shirogami 2 knife steel, depending on the processing technique.

      Aogami 2 - How hard are Japanese knife steels?

      Aogami 2 (jap. 青紙) knife steel can reach a hardness of 62 - 65 HRC (Rockwell). In addition to the choice of steel, however, the forging technique and the experience of the Japanese knifemakers are also largely responsible for the degree of hardness. Blue #2 can be easily re-sharpened, the best way to do this is to use water sharpening stones.