Sharpening stones sets

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      Japanese grinding stones in set

      Combination sets are designed for customers who want to be fully equipped to handle all their sharpening needs. For normal use of the knives and normal wear, a set of two grindstones with medium and fine grit should be sufficient to keep the knives in sharp condition at all times. For very worn blades or damage to the blade, coarser grits must be used to achieve the appropriate material removal.

      With a whetstone set, it is important to consider which steels are to be ground

      We recommend different sharpening stone sets for different steels, in order to have the right sharpening stone at hand for the respective knife and the individual sharpening experience of the customer. Some whetstones allow for extreme sharpness, but are susceptible to damage if used incorrectly. We recommend a close reading of our product descriptions in order to select the right whetstone set for the particular knife steel selected. Our sharpening stone sets offer the advantage that individual stones from the set can, in principle, be repurchased if one of the included stones should wear out more quickly than the other stone due to frequent use.