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      Water sharpening stones for high-quality Japanese chef's knives

      Different sharpening stone materials and grits are recommended for the different knife steels on offer. The specific recommendation as to which stone is best suited can be found in the product descriptions.

      We also classify the stones according to the grinding experience of the user, a corresponding recommendation can also be taken from the product descriptions. Basically, the stones differ in size, material and grain. All these factors influence the sharpening process and must be taken into account when choosing the right sharpening stone.

      For long blades, a larger whetstone is also recommended in order to achieve an even grind over the entire length of the blade. The coarser the grit, the higher the material removal during sharpening. The finer the grit, the less material is removed, but a higher sharpness is achieved. Therefore, fine grits are recommended for fine honing, a basic sharpening is usually done with coarser grits.

      Sharpening stone for Japanese knives

      We also offer whetstones for Japanese knives that do not come from Japan. We have made this selection after extensive tests with the knives we offer and are absolutely convinced of the quality and the grinding results with our stones.