Sharpening stones


      Water sharpening stones for Japanese knives: The perfect sharpening.

      Sooner or later, every knife needs to be resharpened. With Japanese knife steels, this is necessary at longer intervals than with conventional European knife steels, but sooner or later even a Japanese knife will wear out to a certain degree.

      At the latest then one deals for the first time with it, which equipment one actually needs, in order to get its favorite knife again so incomparably sharp. Our clear recommendation for Japanese cooking knives are water sharpening stones. We do not recommend using a sharpening steel for sharpening, as this can damage the blades.

      Our sharpening stones have been extensively tested by us and we are convinced of every stone we offer. With our single stones and sharpening stone sets we basically cover all requirements: From coarse whetstones for heavily worn blades to very fine whetstones for fine grinding, from very robust material to more sophisticated whetstones. We would like to emphasize that there is no need to make a science out of sharpening Japanese kitchen knives, even beginners can achieve top sharpening results with a little practice and the right sharpening accessories.

      Basically, we recommend a medium grit from 1000 JIS for normal use to achieve a basic sharpness. For the final grind and extreme sharpness, we recommend grits from 3000 JIS.