Hand Forged Knives are the Highest Quality Knives

Buying hand forged knives - is it worth it?

Forging a knife is not easy, and we often hear from our Japanese knife makers how many attempts it takes for a forging process to work. A variety of factors must be considered such as forging temperature of the steel, steel combinations with expansion behavior, forging duration and much more. All of these factors must be brought into harmony. Only in this way can a knife with exceptional properties be created. Besides the outstanding performance of Japanese hand-forged blades, the design and craftsmanship are essential arguments for buying a knife of this category. This has its price, however, you will be able to use such a chef's knife for a lifetime with proper care.

Hand-forged knives from Japan

Japanese knives from a company with great added value have usually been in this business for a very long time and have managed to survive economically for decades or even centuries with hand-forged chef's knives. This shows that there are many people who value these products and honor the craftmanship behind them. Hand-forged products are not necessarily better than industrial products, however, in the world of Japanese knives hand-forged knvies are almost always the better choice in terms of product quality.
We want our customers to have the greatest cutting experience in the world and this is exactly why we offer hand-forged Japanese knives.