Japanese Knife Sets

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      Safe Money with our high Quality Hand Forged Japanese Knife Sets 

      One knife is usually not enough in the kitchen - it is not for nothing that different types of knives, knife steels and forging techniques have evolved over the centuries in the world of Japanese knives. Whether amateur or professional chef - every cooking enthusiast owns several knives and often knife sets. Our Japanese knife sets are composed of several knives of one line, the individual knives in the set are matched for different purposes (for example, all-round set for all purposes or Japanese knife set for vegetable enthusiasts). With a well-chosen Japanese knife set, the basic need for knives can be covered with one purchase.

      For those looking for a special and exclusive gift for themselves or others that is sure to delight the recipient, one of our Japanese knife sets is a perfect choice. Here you give quality, durability, exclusivity - a Japanese knife set!

      A fixed component of a Japanese knife set will in most cases be an all-purpose knife with a medium to large blade, mostly a Santoku knife, a Bunka knife or a Gyuto knife. The Japanese all-purpose knife can be used to cover many cutting tasks in the kitchen.

      As a supplement to the all-purpose knife, special forms of Japanese knives make sense, for example, the Nakiri knife for processing vegetables, a Funayuki or Kiritsuke knife for processing fish, a handy Petty for more delicate work, a Honesuki knife for boning or a Yanagiba for preparing Sashimi and Sushi dishes. To keep the knife collection in good shape, the right sharpening accessories are needed as well. We recommend the exclusive use of water sharpening stones for sharpening Japanese knives (more tips on handling Japanese knives - click here).

      We have set up a variety of Japanese knife sets - here you should find the right knife set for everyone. If you don't find the knife set you are looking for, please contact us for an individual Japanese knife set.

      The Start into the World of Hand-Forged Japanese Knives

      With one of our knife sets it is easy to start into the world of Japanese knives, but even professional chefs will find the right chef's knife set for them. All knives in our Japanese knife sets have been extensively tested by us. The composition of the sets is always aimed at covering as many applications as possible with as few knives as possible. If you have not (yet) dealt too extensively with the world of Japanese chef's knives, you are certainly well advised to start with one of our Japanese knife sets.