Ginsan Steel (Silver 3)

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      GIN 3 Silver Paper Steel - a Stainless Knife Steel

      Silver paper steel gets its name from the silver wrapping paper in which this steel is shipped. GIN 3 is a very tough steel and ideal for making low-maintenance knife blades. GIN 3 steel has a carbon content of 0.95 - 1.1%, which allows this steel to achieve high degrees of hardness. At the same time, the chromium content of 13 -14.5% ensures that blades made of GIN 3 steel are hardly susceptible to corrosion.

      Stainless Japanese Knives made of GIN 3 steel

      Japanese chef's knives made of silver paper steel can reach hardness levels of 59 - 61 HRC, depending on the manufacturing process. This means that GIN 3 steel blades do not quite reach the hardness levels of White #1, White #2, Aogami Super and Blue #2. Nevertheless, silver paper steel blades can be ground very sharp and offer the great advantage of being hardly susceptible to corrosion.

      Silver Paper Steel blades - an excellent choice for your first Japanese knife

      If you are looking for a compromise between blade hardness and low maintenance for your first Japanese kitchen knife, GIN 3 blades are a good place to start. These knives are also ideal as a gift for people with little background knowledge of Japanese knife blades. The Okeya Santoku knife is a great compromise between performance and tradition.