Sushi Knife Yanagiba

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      Sushi Knife

      A good sushi knife (also called a Yanagiba knife) is a great choice for any lover of homemade sushi. Good sushi lives not only from the ingredients used, but also from the perfect preparation, and for that a Japanese sushi knife is the perfect tool.
      In Japan, the sushi knife is one of the most important blade shapes and correspondingly widespread. At the fish markets, Yanagibas of various sizes can be seen at every stall. The sushi knife is often the most important tool of the fishmongers there. It is especially important for them to handle the blades with care, so that a sushi knife is often used and preserved there for decades.

      Sushi Knife with single-edged blade

      As a rule, the Japanese Yanagiba is ground on one side (Attention: mostly only suitable for right-handers!), this allows a high blade stability. The extremely smooth backs of sushi knives ensure that there is hardly any friction when cutting. This allows for very smooth cuts, making the cut fish or sushi look perfectly prepared. The blade length of a typical sushi knife is usually at least 240mm. This contributes to the fact that you do not have to move the blades back and forth when cutting, but can cut the fish or sushi with one continuous motion. This results in perfectly prepared sushi dishes.
      However, the Japanese Yanagiba can be used not only to prepare raw fish. The Japanese Yanagiba knife can also be excellently used for processing pieces of meat into fine slices.